"Gary Hailes"
The Entire Human Race

Actor, writer, broadcaster. Originally The Next Seven Days was going to have a cast of several to play millions. But once we were working with Gary it became more and more obvious that we only need him to portray the whole of humanity.

Films appearances include:
Murder With Mirrors;
The Killing Zone
and Waiting For A Killer.

TV appearances include:
East Enders;
The Bill;
Nobody’s Hero;
Grange Hill
and the BBC’s Pinocchio.

Theatre appearances include:
Strip Poker;
Doctor on the Boil;
and numerous pantomimes.

As well as several plays for BBC radio and voice-overs, Gary also had a regular slot "HAILES HORRORS" on the Steve Allen show on LBC radio 97.3fm

Oh, and he also drives a London Taxi.

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